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ART | TML is an art advisory firm dedicated to assisting first-time and seasoned art collectors alike as they source and acquire contemporary art works and expand and curate their contemporary art collections.

TATIANA MARATCHI LEGRAIN, guides her clients as they learn about and collect art, and does so in a manner that is informed, approachable, and enjoyable.
Through her vast network of art galleries, dealers, auction houses, and curators, ART | TML identifies and gains access to significant, meaningful, and unique pieces tailored to each client's goals.
Because Tatiana advises her clients, rather than representing artists, she is able to draw from an unlimited number of resources in an unbiased way. She has an outstanding knowledge of the international art market, attends multiple art fairs every year worldwide, and maintains close relationships with artists and galleries in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Geneva, Barcelona and throughout the world.

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